I’ve worked with Renée for more than ten years now and have never been less than extremely impressed by her aptitude, diligence and attention to detail. Her work is always of a high standard and delivered on time. I’d have no hesitation in calling on Renée for editorial services, project management or picture research.
~ Caroline Walmsley, Managing Director (AVA), Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Renée’s proofreading work is always on time and exceedingly thorough. She has succeeded in making herself an integral part of my editing workflow.
~ Frank Gallaugher, Specialist Editor, The Ilex Press

Renée is an outstanding editor and picture researcher. She’s meticulous, prompt and an absolute pleasure to work with – everything you could ask for!
~ Georgia Kennedy, Editorial Manager (AVA), Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Good editorial freelancers are like gold dust. Thankfully, I have the pleasure of knowing and working with Renée. She is everything you want in a freelancer: accurate, versatile, trustworthy, punctual, precise and personable. I wholeheartedly recommend her.
~ Natalia Price-Cabrera, Managing Editor, The Ilex Press

Renée is a capable and sympathetic editor who manages the fine balance of allowing the creative space writers need while keeping an eye on the ever insistent deadline. Her thorough and thoughtful editing helped me to produce a book of which I continue to be proud. I would heartily recommend Renée’s skills.
~ Tim Waterman, Senior Lecturer at Writtle School of Design; author of The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture; co-author of Basics Landscape Architecture: Urban Design

Renée is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. As an editor, she is diligent and effective at managing the technical aspects in publishing while pushing you to develop your writing to be clear and concise.
~ Ken Yocom, Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture, Graduate Programme Coordinator, University of Washington; co-author of Basics Landscape Architecture: Ecological Design

I got to know Renée as an efficient and knowledgeable Production Editor at AVA books in 2006. She helped bring the final difficult threads of a number of editorial projects together quickly, but without compromise as print deadlines approached. Her diplomacy and technical knowledge were, at all times, assets, particularly in those last-minute negotiations acquiring image publication rights.

I first worked with Renée as my Editor on The Fundamentals of Creative Photography – she saw this project through with me from planning to print. Early outlines rapidly became a structured and well-ordered book with little need for later or hasty revision because of her meticulous attention to detail. Her diligence and follow-up on every communication make Renée a delight to work with.
~ David Präkel, author of Basics Photography: Composition, Basics Photography: Lighting, Basics Photography: Working in Black and White and The Fundamentals of Creative Photography